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Here I'm hoping that we can share some of our Herridge family photographs. I'm going to start with a gem of a family group potrait of my own line. The photograph was kindly supplied by our Great Aunt Betty via our newly found cousin Karen Holmes. It's believed that this is a wedding photograph of Mary Hannah Herridge to George William Wyatt c1909 Maidenhead and the immediate Herridge family.

UPDATE: I have had contact from Catherine Newman on the Wyatt side of the family. It seems that this might not be the wedding of George William Wyatt after all. We have both confirmed that George and Mary emigrated to the USA with their son Ralph. Enquires are still ongoing, so if this is not their wedding then whose is it?

The Herridge Family c1909

The Herridge Family c1909

Back Row L to R: Anne Elizabeth? John Arthur; Bertha? Louisa? George James Jnr (Great Grandfather); Agnes
Front Row L to R: Louisa (Great Great Grandmother); George Wyatt?; Mary Hannah?; George James Snr (Great Great Grandfather)

Charlotte Annie Herridge







This next photograph is of Charlotte Annie Herridge nee Davis who married George James Jnr (above). She is standing back row far left. The other five women, we have no idea! Charlotte was a 'Canary Girl' working at the Chillwell Royal Ordance factory. Could they be fellow workers? Any ideas then please email me.









Aunt Louisa and Uncle Levi Sisson

Louisa HerridgeLevi Sisson

The following images are courtesy of Anne Waterhouse

Emma Louisa Herridge b1860Amy Ann Herridge b1863

Emma Louisa Herridge & Amy Ann Herridge

Annie Herridge b 1892 daughter of Annie Cust & Alfred Herridge

Annie Herridge b 1892

Photograph courtesy of Clare French

Thomas Herridge Funeral Card

Funeral Card Cover

Thomas Herridge Funeral Card

This funeral card was kindly sent to me by Jason Lombardi, USA. He found this amongst a collection he purchased origins unknown. If anybody can shed any light on who this is, then please contact me.

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