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Family tree's are an important way of visually displaying your ancestor's. With the advent of the internet this has never been more easier. I, for one, am quite prepared to share my findings with you.

To display the tree, I use the PAF 5 genealogy program from the Latter Day Saints site. It's easy to use and navigate around. The web pages generated are neat and tidy.

Now if you are like me and are willing to share your Herridge Family Tree but are unable to host it anywhere, then forward your gedcom file to with a brief description and a few of the more prominant names listed in your tree. I'm more than willing to host your tree free of charge.

Dick Herridge

Click here for the Headache Tree

The Headache Line according to Dick

I can confirm my tree back to the early 1600's. Using Kevin Herridge's article, tree's found on Genes reunited, Ancestry and a little guess work with the IGI, I have pieced together a number of lines to the start of the 1500's. Hopefully this will generate a little bit of interest and maybe some communication between owners.
Other Family names listed: Rance, Brant, Shorter, Brace

Family Tree updated 16 Mar 2010

Click here for the Headache Tree

The Oxfordshire Line

This tree I have had on the back burner for some while and decided to post it on Ancestry. It has already generated some interest.

Click here for the Headache Tree

The Pangbourne Line

This tree centres around Richard Herridge & Ann Blay. It has been bugging me for a while (and still does!) and again has been sitting on the back burner

Click here for the Headache Tree

The Midgham Line

Another little tree I came across in my research but haven't been able to tie in anywhere, so here it is and maybe it will ring bells with someone.

Click here for the Andrew Doe Tree Another found on-line is that of Daniel Herridge/Charlotte Pusey and the Buckinghamshire line. I personally believe that this line connects with my direct line back to John Headach/Elizabeth Pope.

This new family tree is the work of Vernon Herridge and follows the Somerset & Dorset lines.


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